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How do you define your corporate culture?

Painted a Buddha this weekend on a mystical art journey. ❤️ ...

Good morning life! ...

I've been quiet lately on here. I have immersed myself in a meditation and painting program and LOVING it!

I'm sharing today a flower painting I finished. Calla Lilies have many special meanings for me. My grandmother was a professional florist when I was a little kid. I remember visiting her at the store in Denver. The fresh floral smells are deeply engrained in my being. I love love love the smell of a florist shop!

Calla lilies grow like weeds in the San Francisco Bay Area. I used to pick them all the time and display them in a gorgeous vase. Simple. Refined. Elegant.

I was also inspired by Georgia O'Keefe, one of my very most favorite artists.

I hope you like this too.

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I have accepted the Love Sprinkles Challenge. Every day until Valentine’s Day (and maybe beyond) I will paint and share a heart to sprinkle love to our planet ❤️🌎💖✨💗starting today, February 1st.

Several of my fellow Creatively Fit Coaches in Training talked about doing this in the hopes of spreading love and raising the vibration of our planet far and wide.

I will post my final paintings/drawings on IG and my FB pages, and if you’d like to paint along, join the challenge or just follow, I’ll be sharing more information as we go along.

Grab some paper and pens, anything will do... and let’s have fun together as we create and share all the love!!


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media: It can’t get simpler than a Sharpie pen and paper...

Yesterday it snowed around my house. We don’t often get snow at my elevation. I sent a picture to my daughter to show Claire, who is five and has yet to see snow. She asked me to build her a snowman.

How could I refuse? Out in my pjs and boots making this little guy, scraping the snow from my pool deck!

Being a grandparent Is. The. Best!

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Still snowing. It snowed all night. So pretty!!


Stormy skies.
So happy for rain!

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“It’s been medicine all day long. “
—Van Jones, CNN

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Homemade soup. Handmade bowl.

#perfectsundayfood #comfortfood

Badass AF

Thank you @staceyabrams

Peace. Out 2020.

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“Waiting for Santa’s cookies to bake.”

May you always experience the anticipation and Magic of Christmas.

Surrounding the world and this beautiful planet with Love, Peace and Joy tonight and always.

xoxo 🌏💜🎄✨


Magnificent Earth.


First Christmas in my new house. It’ll be one year on the 19th of December. And it has been several years without a Christmas tree. This makes my heart so happy!! 🎄❤️ ...

Lovely colors. Amazing! ...

My favorite time of year. ...


Today is the 10 year anniversary of my mom’s death.

How did that go by so quickly?

I miss you every day mom. You continue to inspire and guide me. I miss you.


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Happy Autumn


Candlelight. Hot tea. Blankets. Early bedtime.
Making the best of being without power.
No new wildfires so far!! Yay!
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From the Time editor:

I don’t often use this space to direct your attention to other publications, but I do recommend you check out an article Science published online on Sept. 24. Titled Singing in a Silent Spring, it adds a new entrant to the list of uplifting changes in the natural world that occurred when we humans went into temporary retreat at the start of the pandemic. It appears that in the relative hush of the San Francisco Bay Area this past April and May, the song of the white-crowned sparrow became quieter and sweeter than it had been before.

This has been a year of so much pain, hardship, chaos and loss. And yet as nations around the world begin to rebuild from the pandemic, it is clear that we also have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change our tune. Our issue this week, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, explores that opportunity, which the forum’s chairman, Klaus Schwab, has called “The Great Reset.” How can we seize this moment of disruption to push for a world that is healthier, more resilient, sustainable and just? What do all of us–individuals, businesses and governments–need to do to ensure that we don’t simply revert to what was before?

Few events will shape the world to come more than the result of the upcoming U.S. presidential election. As Americans decide if it’s time to reach for a reset button of our own, this issue includes a special report on the closing days of the 2020 campaign. “On Nov. 3 (or, hopefully, soon after), we will finally get an answer to the question of what these past four discombobulating years have meant,” writes TIME’s national political correspondent Molly Ball. “It is a decision not about what policy proposals to pursue but about what reality we collectively decide to inhabit.”

To mark this historic moment, arguably as consequential a decision as any of us has ever made at the ballot box, we have for the first time in our nearly 100-year history replaced our logo on the cover of our U.S. edition with the imperative for all of us to exercise the right to vote. To help, we’ve provided readers with a guide on how to vote safely during this extraordinary year. (Continued in caption)

Thursday evening sky.


A beautiful September sunset in California.
Breathe. ❤️

Wow! Blue skies!

The first time in weeks and weeks.

So very grateful. The Air Quality Index is still around 89 and this is now a welcome relief. Unfortunately the CDF planes have been flying this afternoon so this may be short lived.

I’ll take it!

I’m really ready for clear skies. Sunset moments ago...

Stay safe out there!!! 🌲🙏😘

#nofilter #californiafires2020

Our dreams tell us so much about what is important in our lives. Each of us have thoughts, wishes, dreams and desires. It’s how we recognize them and work with them that makes our life rich and fulfilled. Many times we don’t know the outcome of the choices and the steps we take until sometime in the future. And we won’t recognize the outcomes unless we act on our dreams.

Dreams require trust. Trust in ourselves. Trust in our deep inner knowing.

If I hadn’t trusted myself I would be displaced right now.

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Keep praying for California! We need all the help we can get... physical and metaphysical. Visioning calm wind, cool air, marine layer aiding the firefighters. And no more fucking lightning!!

Photo credit: Ben Lomond Volunteer Fire Department 💙🙏

Instafam and FB community please join me for the next few days to visualize heavy fog blanketing the entire coastal area of Santa Cruz and San Mateo. The marine layer naturally comes in and supports the trees with cool mist and fog.

Let’s replace the smoke with fog and help put these fires out!

We can do this. We are more powerful than we imagine!

Thank you! 💙🙏🌲

The sun tonight at 6:15pm.

Stay safe California. 😭🌲

The sky and sun at 4:00pm today.

Stay safe

#wildfiresmoke #nofilter #jonesfire2020

Smoke this morning from the Jones Fire near my house. Please keep the communities of Nevada City and Grass Valley in your thoughts today.
Pray for lower heat and no wind! Pray for the firefighters who are working so hard!

The dogs are so hot they want to take off their fur coats.

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