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This week we’re going to talk about a big change to one of today’s biggest ‘brands’

Consider this….what does your brand say about your business? What does it say before anyone even lays eyes on the copy on your website? Everyone is unique. Each business is unique. How do you stand out and get your message in front of your ideal clients?

What are the energetics of your brand?

Everything has Energy. Magnetism. Vibration. If you imbue your brand with the essence of you, your right clients will find you quickly and easily. The Essence of who you are shines through everything.

Google unveiled its new brand earlier this week… and it’s been rather interesting. Look online and you’ll find tons of chatter about the new look, the new logo. People love it, people hate it. It’s important to remember that we don’t know the process that went into creating the design of the new Google logo and rebrand and it’s easy to critique after the fact.

And that’s so important to remember. Rebranding is a process. Conceptual design is a process. Once you find a good designer you need to trust the process she provides. A good brand is more than the font or the colors. It’s more than new photographs. It’s about diving into who you are as a company. What are your values? The qualities that define you and your business? How can that be expressed in a way so that someone, anyone, will understand instantly exactly who you are?

The energetics of your brand speaks faster than any words you speak. It will precede any copy that are written on your website.

Some of the critics say the new Google logo is childish. I even read that someone thought it was Google’s way of celebrating the first day of kindergarten!

What does that say about the brand?

Personally, I like some of the thinking that is behind this new design, but I don’t care for the sterile look of the “new” font that was created specifically for Google. The character of Google as an innovative company isn’t reflected in this new look. It feels similar to a lot of other “modern” rebrands. Yes, they can justify the colors and the tilted “e” as representing the fact that Google is slightly different thinking, but if the redesign had been more aligned to the way Google thinks as a company, there wouldn’t need to be so much emphasis on a tilted “e”.

I like the way the designers thought about how this rebrand is not just about a logo placed on a website. It’s more about moving this brand three-dimensionally into the future.

My feeling about this redesign is that a company as innovative and playful as Google ending up with an ultra-modern, almost sterile design is sad. I love the Google Doodles ( and I’ve always been impressed with Google’s creativity. I don’t feel those energetics with the new look.

Here’s another element to consider: over the past few days, I have watched the Google animation quite a few times. At one point I thought, “Thank goodness I have an iPhone and I won’t have to watch those four dots every time I want to do something on my phone!” Does your brand have the potential to ‘exhaust’ your potential clients?

What does your brand say about you?

Love and Beauty,