Desire Map + Magical Muse Boards Workshops

Where do you stop short in achieving your goals? What do you feel about setting goals?

I personally struggle setting goals. I’ve attended many business retreats where, when we get to the last day and it’s time to set our goals for the next 90 days or even the next year, I freeze in complete fear.

How do I even begin to plan for something that is so far in the future in my head?

What if I choose the wrong set of goals?

Or worse… what if I don’t achieve the goals I set?

And when I don’t make those goals, I feel like a failure. Which doesn’t encourage me to set new goals. And so the cycle continues. Not good!

This has happened more times than I care to admit. It doesn’t make sense to me to set an arbitrary money goal for my business for the next 90 days. Or select how many clients I want to work with, or speaking gigs, etc… It is all an arbitrary number in my brain. And unattainable.

The other key thing about setting goals in this way is I don’t feel any motivation to move towards those goals.

That is really the key.

Sure, I’d love to make a large amount of money in 90 days. But setting that goal and then figuring out how to achieve it seems counter-intuitive to me. I’ve learned in this Desire Map process to begin with how I want to feel. Then work towards that. Maybe it’s how many people do I want to serve this year, instead of a monetary amount. That shifts everything!

Begin with a Feeling

I just finished Stephanie’s “Awaken Your Creative Self” virtual retreat and am loving the results! Stephanie is a certified facilitator for Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map process and has taken that process several steps further with this retreat.

After going through exercises to determine your Core Desired Feelings, Stephanie has participants choose images that represent those feelings. Then she turns those images into a physical representation that she calls a Magical Muse Board™. I’m looking at my Board right now and it brings me such joy! The Muse Board truly anchors in my feelings and let’s me reconnect to them in an instant. I had gone through Danielle’s work previously and loved it, but didn’t stay in touch with my desired feelings over time. Thank you Stephanie for offering this way to keep my Core Desired Feelings so beautifully in front of me!

— Jana

How do I want to feel? How do I want my clients to feel? Who would be fun to work with? How much ease and fun can I have creating with my business?

What will it feel like when I make my money goal? How will it feel in my life?

What do I need to do to feel this way? How can I do that every day?

Suddenly, my DESIRE to feel a certain way becomes the reason for achieving bigger things in my life and my business.

The Desire Map + Magical Muse Boards — A Soul-Filled Way to Set Our Dreams, Aspirations, and Goals AND have them anchored in a visual way to help us remember.

In a three-week, live virtual workshop, we’ll work with Danielle LaPorte’s “The Desire Map” book to discover our Core Desired Feelings. As a licensed facilitator of Desire Mapping, I guide you through the five primary Life Areas to pare down the essence of our desires.

And, here is where the Magic lies… In the final week we anchor our Core Desired Feelings into a Magical Muse Board™.

The Magical Muse Board™ provides a visual reminder of how we want to feel. It is a powerful way to ground into our Core Desired Feelings.

You will receive your own personal Magical Muse Board™

This is Soul work.

It is a radical way to set goals and intentions. Work back from what and how you want to feel. Set your sites on accomplishing those feelings. Then watch the Magic unfold!

By combining Magical Muse Boards™ with Desire Mapping, we are co-creating a visual representation of your Core Desired Feelings. This is a powerful addition for guiding, visualizing, witnessing, and realizing your Desires.

Awaken Your Creative Self workshop begins Wednesday, February 7th at 11:00am PT / 1:00pm ET.

It’s never to late to set Clear Desires for 2018 and create your own Magical Muse Board™.

Join us soon. New dates coming. Begin now… Why wait? It’s never too late to create beautiful dreams from your Desires!

Desire Map workshop + your personal Magical Muse Board (regularly $800.00)

Only $497.00

Invite a friend for only $197.00!

We will meet weekly on the following days for up to 90 minutes.

New dates are coming soon.

Please note: We will have one last celebratory class 2 to 3 weeks after our last class to share our Muse Boards™ and Core Desired Feelings. Date and time to be determined.

All the meetings will be live via Zoom, and they will be recorded in case you miss a live class. We have a private Facebook group too for additional support and connections. xoxo

My promise to you: This course is about how YOU want to feel. My intention is to hold a sacred space for meaningful work to be created. I welcome your participation and engagement. This retreat is for you, and I’m so excited to be part of this journey.
Thank you for your willingness!