Would You like a little bit of Magic for your clients?
How many times does this happen?

You’re working with a great client and after a few sessions they get on a call with you and they seem to have forgotten their big WHY.

Or FEAR creeps in and they have lost trust in themselves.

Or you’ll be making great progress, seeing big breakthroughs, and all of a sudden they stall out.

You, as their coach, need to bring them back to ground, get them resettled and help them to see their purpose again. And even when you do this one time it may happen repeatedly!

How much time are you losing with each client in a cycle like this? Time that could be spent helping them gain fast traction instead?

Wouldn’t it be great to offer your clients a visual form of their why? Provide them with a gift of a visual reminder that will guide them and keep them focused on their intention in the time in between their ultra-productive sessions with you?

Cue the Magical Manifesting Muse Boards™!

I’m Stephanie Steyer and as an intuitive graphic designer, my super power is that I can see people’s essence. I bring that through in my clients brands and visual graphics, and I have created a process that allows our soul essence to reveal itself, magically. I have developed several ways of working with my clients and the Magical Manifesting Muse Boards™ are an extension of this work.

Soul Musings…
What is your Soul whispering to you?
My Muse Board™ process has helped heart-centered entrepreneurs connect with their soul essence, and from that process we create a personalized brand that is in alignment with who they are on an energetic level.
It’s Magic!
And my Magical Manifesting Muse Boards™ are an offshoot of that process. They bring the same magic I infuse into a personalized brand to an individual intention — like your client’s big WHY, specific goal, or desired transformation.
Having a visual representation of your Vision is POWERFUL!
If you’re at all like me, you write your dreams, hopes and goals in a journal. I have hundreds of pages! I’m inspired in BIG ways in those moments when I write, but then life happens and I’ll forget them for a time.

So in order to remember my hopes and dreams, I’ve created a visual reminder that INSTANTLY helps me connect back to my intentions.

Looking at the images I selected to represent my WHY transports me directly into the feeling, inspiration, and energy behind it.

When you remember your WHY it keeps you motivated. It keeps you moving forward and focused.

This leads to deeper relationships, more abundance in your life, and staying strong when you may be tempted to give up.

Plus… there is so much Power in having your Intentions witnessed. Magic is in support!

The Power of Intention for Manifesting our Vision.
The Magic of Your Vision comes to Life through
a Magical Manifesting Muse Board™.
Magical Manifesting Muse Boards™ can be useful for you and your clients in many different ways.
  • A beautiful Welcome Gift for your clients—setting the INTENTIONS for your work together.
  • Ground in the growth they receive from a RETREAT or an INTIMATE EVENT so they can carry your work forward with them with ease.
  • Use as a tool to INTEGRATE the experience they have with you once they “leave the nest”.
  • A VIP day gift—A visual representation of their experience with you.
  • A Time-line that VISUALLY chronicles your clients’ growth and transformation.
  • A Good-bye Touch Point gift for sending them on their own journey.
  • A tool for building SELF TRUST that doesn’t lie.
When Stephanie shared her new offer of a Magical Mini Muse Board I was experimenting with attracting the right clients with more ease. From the start, choosing the intention and then looking at tons of images that represented the intention was really fun and tapped me into a meditative state.  Then receiving the board in awesome packaging felt like a surprise gift in the mail! Stephanie has the eye of an artist and the composition is spectacular! I honestly had no idea if this board would actually help me stay in alignment with my intention or if it was just going to be a beautiful piece of art in my space. But what I found is that I look at it every morning before I meditate. I take clients to Bali so there are all these beautiful images of people, buddhas, nature and a temple that get me in alignment with the offering in my mind and body. Then I take that into my morning meditation.  It’s amazing how quickly these images get me in line with my intention!!! I now get to start the day with Bali and the people I want to join me in my awareness and am constantly peeking at it all day long. I LOVE my board and highly recommend having them for each of your greatest intentions!
From My Heart to Yours…
Imagine how your clients will transform once they have their Magical Manifesting Muse Board™ in hand!
(And YES, you’ll get one for yourself too!)

The process enhances and complements your coaching perfectly by infusing a beautiful intention-setting ritual into the transformative work you do together.

And the value the Magical Manifesting Muse Board™ adds to each client relationship is worth at least 10 times the investment you make in it, which gives you an outstanding opportunity to raise your rates, if you’d like!

I’ve created a special package for coaches working with multiple clients at a time so each person you serve can have access to this process as a special gift from you.

I’m also offering an option that includes in-person facilitation of the intention-setting process at your event or retreat. (It’s a great break from the usual retreat agenda and LOTS OF FUN!)

The Magical Manifesting Muse Board™ is the missing link to creating consistency in your clients results, and generating all new retention potential for YOU.

Serve your clients at a HIGHER LEVEL. Contact me to book your package now.

The Power of Intention for Transformation

What’s involved:

  • Once you purchase the Magical Manifesting Muse Board™, you will receive instructions guiding you how to select images through Pinterest.
  • Select as many images as you like and then send me an invitation to view your Pinterest board.
  • I will view your images, and with your intention in mind, I will intuitively create a Magical Manifesting Muse Board™ using the images from your Soul Expression.

What you will receive:

  • A Magical Manifesting Muse Board™ will come to you first in an electronic version.
  • Your board will be printed, mounted and sent it to you in a special box to honor the sacredness of you and this process.
  • After you receive your board in the mail, you may schedule a 30 minute follow-up call with me.
For a limited time…
Create your Magical Manifesting Muse Board Now!
Just $349.00
What People Are Saying…

We may never know HOW she does it. But we do know that with her Muse Boards, Stephanie offers something unique and powerful. She turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Stephanie is guided by her deep passion for empowering heart-led business owners by translating their personal and business energetics into something visible while using a truly gifted and brilliant design sense. My Muse Board, and all the other Muse Boards I have seen, are proof.

My Muse Board now hangs above my desk where I can gaze at it every day. It’s the gift that continues to give. I turn to it when I need to re-connect to my purpose. It helps me remember my stories, memories, and dreams. It’s an ever-fascinating version of me — the story of my values, core beliefs, and essence. And like any good story, I can return to read it again and again, mining it for more understanding, and more nuance. Sometimes when I stand in front of it and ask important questions, I find my answers reflected back at me.

…Thanks to Stephanie’s loving and insightful touch, I can see and feel myself and my purpose so clearly there, and so, my Muse Board has become a significant touchstone for me and my work in the world.

Sandy McDougall

The Maverick Edge

My Muse Board is my touchstone. I keep it where I can look at it every day, and it guides me in everything from my graphic design, to what I write in my newsletter and even the clothes I wear. Working with Stephanie is one of the most important investments I’ve ever made.

Kris Prochaska

Kris Prochaska

Energy Follows Intentions
For a limited time…
Create your Magical Manifesting Muse Board Now!
Just $349.00