“What is available when you tap into your creativity?”

This is the question my stellar curious friend asked me.

I was on a walk with my dogs, and as soon as I got home I wrote out 75 different ideas, feelings, and thoughts this question brought up. I held onto the list for almost a year. I knew there was Magic here.

It wasn’t until another friend saw my list and suggested one small shift in the way I was thinking about these ideas. Voila! These cards were born!

There are 80 cards in this deck. Choose a card for the day and see how you tune into ways to enhance your life with creativity.
These cards are designed for fun.

Use them for inspiration.
Use them as a reminder.
Use them as a tool for noticing and enhancing your Creativity.

We are all creative beings.

As a human, living on this planet, you are creative. Everything in nature is creative.

You may think, “I can’t draw my way out of a box!” Please don’t confuse creativity with artistic ability. You do not have to be an artist to be creative!

Magic happens when we make space for creativity.

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