DC-10 Dropping retardant

Like my headline? That was me earlier this month. I recently finished work on a few major projects that I’m very please with (check them out here and here.) The websites look awesome and I love helping entrepreneurs like you be really seen in online branding.

But the path I took to get these projects done didn’t work so well, right up to the 4th of July, where I was sitting behind my computer at 11:30 at night, working on one last piece of the website.

I got pissed. At myself. What was I doing? What happened to my balance? Here I was, again, working late, working weekends, working too much. And ignoring my own needs and my business goals.

When I get pissed, it’s a call to action. I got super-focused on making conscientious choices for myself and my business. Right after that late night at my computer, I headed to my mastermind retreat in Colorado and used my coaching time to explore what I need and how I am not being seen in my business.

Here’s what I came up with

  • My intention for me I’m carving out time in the middle of the day for me. Time to read, make a cup of tea. Spend time on myself, nourishing my spirit and bring the best of myself to the rest of the day and to my clients.
  • My intention for my business I’m tired of working small parts. I love all aspects of design, but my true gift is in really seeing my clients and helping them to translate into their business and their brand. This means my whole model is changing as I focus on high-ticket, full partnership clients.
  • My intention for my clients I’m more inspired than ever in working with you (and you, and you) in not only pulling out your essence through my Muse Board™ Process, but in partnering with you to draw out every bit of who you are to make your business a shining reflection of your brilliance.

I am SO fired up over this vision and sharing it with you as it unfolds! Ready to get fired up too? Then schedule a complimentary strategy call with me and let me help you get seen.

Love and Beauty,


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I searched for an image for today’s article, looking for something that said ‘fired up’ and this one caught my attention. I live in Northern California. In the Sierra Nevada Foothills. We have two seasons, wet and dry.

In the last few years we’ve missed the wet seasons, so we’re left with a lot of dry. At this time of year, there is a constant worry about forest fires. Some years we are lucky, other years, not so much.

A fire broke out Saturday, July 25th, not far from where I live near Nevada City. I am not directly in any danger, but other people in our community have had to evacuate their homes and their animals. Local businesses and restaurants are helping to support the firefighters. This photo was taken on Saturday by Matthew Rhodes, special thanks to YubaNet.com.