Have you ever had one of those moments where someone tells you something about yourself that’s super obvious to them but a mind-blowing revelation to you?

That just happened to me a few days ago. I’d been speaking with my coach Kelli Reese about the Muse Method—the process through which I guide people to create a Muse Board—and she said to me, “Stephanie, you are the Muse.”

I stopped and looked at her. What?! Wait… what?!

I’m sure some of you who are familiar with me and what I do are probably rolling your eyes right now, thinking: “Duh, Stephanie. We’ve known this all along!” But even though I’ve been creating Muse Boards with clients for more than six years now, I’d never thought of myself as the Muse.

What does a Muse do? A Muse inspires others. She shares her love of beauty with others. She makes room for creativity and problem solving. And as a Muse, I can put my talents as a designer to excellent use while holding space for my clients to step into their own brilliance!

This realization excites, rejuvenates, and scares the hell out of me all at the same time. So why didn’t I see this before?

I have been invisible most of my life. My invisibility came from an unspoken requirement in my family—support the men and raise the children. It’s the sad legacy of women and our second-class citizen status: So many of us aren’t allowed to be visible because it’s not accepted for our gender. Many times the idea of being visible doesn’t make us feel safe.

I’ve been there. That mind-blowing realization I just mentioned—before Kelli showed me how she saw me, I didn’t want to let myself see that I am the Muse in the Muse Method. I didn’t feel comfortable with how visible it made me feel!

But that’s one aspect of the Muse Method: helping you feel comfortable with visibility. When you work with me, you’ll receive a visual piece of art that reminds you of yourself. A Muse Board is something that will get you to remember your inspiration, your purpose. You will live into the vision of your Muse Board.

If you’re feeling invisible, I want to help you. I am the Muse who helps women be fully seen.

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