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Is This You?

You’re a growing, heart-centered entrepreneur and you have SO MUCH going on. You know you need to address that whole area of your ‘branding’ — your marketing, visuals, etc., but you don’t even know where to start. Maybe you’ve been trying to piece things together using VA’s or ad-hoc designers, and every time you get back another visual you don’t love you just panic.

Not only that, but you’ve grown so much through your business that what you created before no longer fits you, and you have this sinking feeling that disconnected marketing is costing you money. 

It’s time to put the REAL you in your marketing. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve just been following what you’ve seen other people do, because you weren’t really clear on YOUR thing, you’re not alone.

I’m Stephanie Steyer, and I want to help you stop hiding behind confusion, or what’s popular, and step into the brand that really reflects YOU. I’m super passionate about this, because I know what it’s like to hide out. For years I did my best to blend in and not rock the boat. Because of this, I’m masterful at seeing where YOU try to hide and supporting you in seeing yourself as you REALLY are. I do this through my unique process of branding and designing – the MUSE BOARD™ process.

Imagine yourself…

  • Being crystal clear about who you are and who you are becoming as you grow with a brand that reflects the real you and marketing that inspires you.
  • Knowing how to give the specific direction to your team so that you get what you want with ease and confidence around everything you put together so that you can quickly say yes to opportunities.
  • Know what you stand for so you can attract and hire the right team members who are inspired to work with you.
  • Making more money – attract more clients and higher level clients with your marketing that is aligned to you.

stephanie steyer

Stephanie Steyer

Brand Mentor, Creative Strategist

For me, working with design is like slipping into the perfect pair of shoes. Over the course of my career I have:

  • Designed magazines, brochures, books, logos, signage, and websites.
  • Sewn one million costumes for dozens of school plays  (or, at least it felt like it…)
  • Taught design to high-school students.
  • Helped start-ups launch.
  • Rebranded established companies.

But really, it has all been about one thing: Creating Beauty. I bring a lifetime of skill to the work I do with each client. And with each project I’ve learned to use the inherent brand energetics of my clients to uncover the amazing, bright, soul that drives them. I help my clients get seen. And we have fun doing it.

Just Getting Started?

Are you just starting out and unsure of what your brand even is? Let’s begin with Step Zero.
I can help with the basics to lay the ground work for an incredible foundation to help you get seen.

Stuck With A Brand That Isn't Getting you SEEN?

Is this you? You’ve got the website, the business cards… maybe even some banners for events and a free gift… …but either your inbox is empty or you are having one discovery call after another with people that just aren’t the right fit for you? I can help you fine-tune your brand so that you’ll be connecting with the perfect prospects before even getting on the phone with them!

Ready to Blaze??

Are you more established in your business, working with clients and ready to uplevel and start connecting with the kind of client that will make your soul sing? Maybe you know your brand is strong… but… there’s something just a little out of reach. It’s time to get very real about who you are. Peel away the layers, get vulnerable and craft a brand that sings just for your exact, right client.

Brand Energetics

/def/ The energy of the soul, transmuted as a beacon, connecting you with the exact, right client at the exact, right time.


Build Your Brand Energetics and Be Seen

Grab my free DiY Assessment and take a deep dive to reveal your Soul essence. Discover how powerful your brand can become with your unique brand energetics. It’s time to be seen.

My Muse Board is my touchstone. I keep it where I can look at it every day, and it guides me in everything from my graphic design, to what I write in my newsletter and even the clothes I wear. Working with Stephanie is one of the most important investments I’ve ever made.”

Kris Prochaska