I want to talk about selling.

You might be surprised to hear that coming from me because I rarely embraced selling in the past. But I’ve been doing it so much lately, and it turns out I’m learning a lot.

A few months ago, I made the decision to get rid of some things to create more space in my life. On June 7th, I posted an ad to sell my vintage motor home—a classic 1976 GMC—as it had been sitting in my yard for more than two years. The engine had lots of work done on it, which was great when the time came for it to move, but the interior needed major TLC. I sold it within five days.

Then it came time to sell some other significant items, and they too sold really quickly. One item sold for $4,200 in less than 24 hours.

The thing was, while I was clearing out stuck energy around these items in my life, it became clear to me that I needed to sell my house. There are multiple reasons for my wanting to move: taking care of five acres, being too far away from family and grandchildren, feeling the heaviness of the isolation in this area. I started getting my house presentable to buyers and then listed it. In three weeks, it sold.

In the area I live, this is fast. Particularly in the last month, home buyers have not been very active, according to my realtors. I’m amazed… and very pleased!

But all of this has had me thinking. I always assumed I was “bad” at selling. I always thought I was awkward at telling people what I do and especially uncomfortable at asking for money.

No longer.

There’s a pattern in what I’ve achieved in the past two months. I get super clear about what I want, then ask for what I desire and relax, knowing that it will happen; I take an action—no matter how small—to propel my decision forward; and then I detach myself from the “how.” It’s not up to me to find the person who’s going to buy my motor home, much less my house. It’s not my job to worry about the how.

Simply put: I make a decision. I take an action. I step back and let it happen. Whatever happens.


Anyone who knows me well can attest that this is friggin’ mind-blowing for me to approach sales this way.

I used to assume prior to talking with people that they couldn’t pay my full price. I’d assume they wouldn’t value what I was offering. I’d discount my work and my services hoping they would buy. It left me feeling under appreciated and worn out.

Real estate is such a funny business. Owning a home is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life. And when it comes time to sell your home, you essentially turn it all over to someone else to sell for you. They will never know the house as intimately as you do. They can’t know it as well as someone who’s lived in it. And yet, this is how it’s done. You have to trust them to show it in the best light.

In selling my house, I was perhaps more involved than most people. Things happened in a way that I was able to meet everyone who came to look at it. I answered their questions and told them the special qualities about the house and the property. I had the idea to put together a list of all the improvements that I’ve done over the years: added value for any potential buyer.

And now it’s sold to a couple who are excited to live here. Sold in three weeks. Amazing!

I’m so grateful for this process and what I’ve learned. I was concerned that selling my house would set back the momentum of my business, but it’s done absolutely the opposite; I feel more confident and motivated than ever.

Making decisions, taking action, detaching from the outcome—this process is what I’m taking away from this whole experience. And I’m excited to apply it in all areas of my life, especially in my business!

p.s… I may have found my new house! In looking, I got really clear on what I needed. There were some non-negotiables: a fenced yard for my dogs, access to nature, good neighbors, and space for a garden. I said, out loud, “The person who buys my house will appreciate all the things I’ve done here, and I will find a new house with the same quality and attention to details as my old home.” Last week, after my house went into contract, this new house showed up! Of course!

Fingers crossed it all comes together this week.

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