Actually Stop Searching, Look Right Here!

My dear friend, Amy Latzen Birks, posted an intriguing video on Facebook the other day that truly inspired me. You can view it here: Watch Amy!

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately investigating my ideas around a single word. Here are my thoughts and exploration around Excellence:

At first thought, Excellence means being the best I can be at something. Going the extra mile to make something that much better. Making an experience that much more enjoyable. It’s about Quality. Service.

But it is also about listening with Excellence. Being fully present. Being all in. Consciousness.

When I’m conscious and present then I’m creating from Excellence; bringing Excellence to whatever I’m doing.

In past years I know that providing excellence in what I do meant I’d have to work extra. Work harder, strive harder to be excellent. But I don’t want to work that hard anymore. It’s time for things to be easier.

Most times I start my day with a prayer. I ask the Divine to surround me with Her grace, love, and joy. I ask Her to flow through me. To use me as a channel for her Divine love, light and joy.

Offering this prayer reminds me that so many times when I feel something excellent has flowed through me, it is with the flow of the Divine. Sometimes we think of it as being in the zone. Where Creativity and Magic happens effortlessly. I love being in the zone! It’s a very Magical place. Time stands still. External things aren’t noticed. It’s complete and total focus without force or pain or pressure to “do it right”. It is truly Magical… that’s all there is to say. And I love when it happens!

Excellence. Presence. Magic. Divine. Creativity.

All these things make up Excellence in my mind.

The word Determination arises now too. Focus and determination. In a way that feels less heavy and more about staying on course. Not deviating from Excellence. Determination in the form of a habit. Something that I do because it is just who I am. It’s how I’m wired. I love the minute details. It makes my heart sing! I love getting things to work together. The typography, the colors, the space. The shape, the form, the clay. It brings me joy! And Excellence shines through, but not from working harder but from working from a place of love and joy. Creativity and passion.

That’s it. Excellence = Passion

Everything comes easy from that place.

Muse Boards™

If you are ready to bring more Excellence into your life, work with me to create a Muse Boards™. These combine your Excellence and Vision with my intuition.

Pure Magic!

When I develop a visual identity for a client it always begins with a Muse Board™. Over the years many people have asked if they could have a Muse Board™ created around something personal. A smaller version.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been inspired to make these smaller Muse Boards™. They are created around a specific intention. The power comes from my intuition and your soul’s true desires.

It is true Magic when you feel the energy of the images that are inspired from your soul yearnings. It is true Magic when your intention is represented in a visual form. It is true Magic when you place this sacred little board on your altar or your desk and you get reminded every day of where you are going. It is pure Magic to have your intention anchored into your body.

If you would love to create your very own Muse Board™, contact me by replying to this newsletter or click here for the page on my website that gives more information.

I would LOVE to create one with you!

Testimonial from a recent client:

Kelly Sheets

When Stephanie shared her new offer of a Muse Board I was experimenting with attracting the right clients with more ease. From the start, choosing the intention and then looking at tons of images that represented the intention was really fun and tapped me into a meditative state. Then receiving the board in awesome packaging felt like a surprise gift in the mail! Stephanie has the eye of an artist and the composition is spectacular!

I honestly had no idea if this board would actually help me stay in alignment with my intention or if it was just going to be a beautiful piece of art in my space. But what I found is that I look at it every morning before I meditate. I take clients to Bali so there are all these beautiful images of people, Buddhas, nature and a temple that get me in alignment with the offering in my mind and body. Then I take that into my morning meditation. It’s amazing how quickly these images get me in line with my intention!!! I now get to start the day with Bali and the people I want to join me in my awareness and I am constantly peeking at it all day long. I LOVE my board and highly recommend having them for each of your greatest intentions!
—Kelly Sheets,

Kelly-miniMuseBoard sm

I’d love to know your thoughts, insights, ah ha’s! Please feel free to share in the comments below or on Facebook.

With love and beauty,