Tomorrow I’m off to Las Vegas where I’ll be attending and sponsoring at Align It Live with Darla LeDoux. If you’ve sponsored an event, you already know what I’ve spent the last few weeks working on—compiling and designing all the different elements that are needed to really Show Up. 

As I created each banner, each promotional element—even the signs that I want to display in my booth—I got really jazzed at how all the pieces work together within the design of my brand.

A visual identity is a reflection of you and your business. When it is in sync with your core values and how you want to show up in the world, it makes creating any type of marketing material super easy… and fun! Every piece solidifies your connection with your ideal clients.

Working like this is what I call Conscious Branding. Each piece is a reflection of me. Everything I create and put out into the world is infused with my consciousness—my Point of View. Here’s the core of my point of view: simplicity and beauty have power. Visually simple and elegant elements stand out.

More than ever we are inundated with barrage of visual images. We need to take a stand against visual clutter.

Here’s the thing: we’ve all become more savvy design consumers. Most of us know that well-designed brands (Mercedes, Jaguars, Teslas…) are worth more not just because they are status symbols. Good design is a signal of certain, deeper qualities. We might not always consciously pay attention to design cues, but our subconscious has been trained to pay attention. Your potential clients pay attention to the same good design cues. Standing out by sifting through the visual clutter with simple visual elegance is how I choose to do that with my design philosophy. Good design is good business.

I recently bought an Amazon Fire TV. When it arrived I opened the box and was more excited at the design of packaging than the new, cool toy I’d gotten in the mail! The outside of the box is a matte black, the inside bright orange. What a great concept for a Fire! Even the remote control is exquisite, all matte black with shiny buttons. I enjoy the feel of it every time I use it.

So now how do I feel about Amazon? I’m curious to look at other devices that Amazon designs for their brand. If they put this much energy into a small unit that cost less than a hundred dollars, what else do they bring to their company? The Fire TV branding opened my eyes to a company that previously hadn’t come to my attention, apart from a slightly negative image re. controversial drones and delivery.

This is what I mean when I talk about Conscious Branding. Simple, elegant, effective visual cues that opens a connection between you and your ideal clients.

With love and beauty,