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The Masks We Wear…

I recently spent five days in New Orleans. It has always been on my “list” of places to visit so I was thrilled to be able to travel there for a combination of business and pleasure. Now I can’t wait to go back.

I was there to attend the Connect Retreat: Heart over Hustle, hosted by my long-time coach and friend, Darla LeDoux. Darla is a master at creating an experience that opens us up to ourselves. During the course of the first day, we talked about the masks we wear to protect ourselves: The Good Girl mask, The Perfectionist mask, The Rebel mask, The I’ve-Got-It-All-Together mask, The Invisible mask. We wear these masks because of something that might have happened to us during childhood. Or possibly because of something someone said… once. We move between different masks as situations and possibilities present themselves. And I thought: “Are we ever completely without a mask? Are we ever that free?”

We were presented with lots of wonderful art materials to illustrate and decorate a “mask” for ourselves, picking one of the masks we determined we use to keep ourselves safe. It was an exercise in helping us come out from behind our mask. By bringing something to light, or just describing a mask, the power is taken away. Or we could also decide not to give up the mask completely if we ever wanted to still use it. Completely optional.

There were piles of plain, brown craft-paper masks. Full face masks with eyes, mouths and noses. Very plain. There were magazines of images, piles of brightly colored feathers, peacock feathers, pony beads, and glitter pens. I had the idea of creating a mask to represent invisibility and my first thought was to leave the mask completely blank. Then I was playing around with putting something over the eyes and I turned the mask over. I ended up pasting images, feathers, words and glitter all inside the mask and leaving the outside plain. I did have a couple feathers strategically placed so they were peaking out from behind the mask. Like I will allow myself to do on occasions.

Where in our lives do we hide our true selves? I know I have hid behind this mask of invisibility most of my life. I have had some great stories to support my mask. High school, marriage at a very young age, working at a family business; all these “stories” about how I was invisible when in actuality I was staying safely behind my mask.

After our masks were finished, we were told to get ready for a self-expression cocktail party.

With a twist.

In traditional New Orleans-style, we were presented with a Second Line parade of Self-Expression, including a police escort, with two motorcycle cops, leading us through the streets along with a five-piece jazz band! It was absolutely Pure Joy and Fun! Filled with laughter and dancing.

Completely unintentionally, I found myself very near the front throughout most of the parade.

Talk about no longer being invisible!

As we danced down the middle of Bourbon Street, we waved to the people lining the streets to watch us and cheer us on. There was no reason for our parade other than Self-Expression. That was it. We became part of the crazy silliness that is New Orleans on a Wednesday afternoon.

Kimmi Ward, Big Mission Photography

Kimmi Ward, Big Mission Photography

What if you were safe enough to let your mask down?

I wish I had a picture of my mask to show you but I don’t. I left that mask in the hotel room in New Orleans. I did it intentionally. I almost stuck it in my suitcase but at the last minute I sat with it for a bit and thought, “Nope. You are staying here. New Orleans can have you!”

Time to let go of my stories around invisibility.

Where are you hiding in your business? Does your visual brand reflect your true nature? I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs to create an energetic brand that instantly connects with your ideal clients. I can help you to create a brand that truly represents you.

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With Love and Beauty,

Magical Manifesting Muse Boards™

I am super excited to introduce another way to work with me! I’m calling these the Magical Manifesting Muse Boards™. When I develop a brand for a client it always begins with a Muse Board™. Over the years many people have asked if they could have a Muse Board™ created around something personal. A smaller version.

In the past few weeks, I was inspired to make these smaller Magical Muse Boards™. They are created around a specific intention. The power comes from my intuition and your soul’s true desires. It is pure Magic.

It is true Magic when you feel the energy of the images that are inspired from your soul yearnings. It is true Magic when your intention is represented in a visual form. It is true Magic when you place this sacred little board on your altar or your desk and you get reminded every day of where you are going. It is pure Magic to have your intention anchored into your body.

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I would LOVE to create one for you!

Here is one that I made to represent the book I am writing:

My NEED to Write My Book

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