How many times do we go through our days and miss the joy in most of it?

My granddaughter Claire shares joy so easily. It’s amazing how at three-years-old she constantly finds joy in the smallest, simplest things. I brought her granola when I came to visit, and she got so excited that she mentioned it to her daddy many times. She wanted a bowl and some fresh blueberries almost immediately. It was so simple and so impactful for her.

What if we could be more joyful in our everyday lives? What would change?

For one, we’d be more present. Finding the joy in our morning bowls of granola brings mindfulness to the experience. We’re aware of pouring the granola in the bowl; perhaps choosing a special bowl to eat with; adding the fruit, yogurt, and milk; finding a spoon; and then being excited and joyful when we eat it!

What might be different in our life if we brought more joy to the simplest of experiences?

When I think about being fully aware of my actions—even in making breakfast for myself—all these things come up for me. Awareness, consciousness, being in the moment. If I can find these in something as simple as a granola bowl, can I find it in every little thing I do? Can I be more present for the people in my life and bring more awareness to my work?

When we are more aware of ourselves, we can hear our creative urges clearly. Thoughts like ‘What do I have to do next? When is that meeting? What’s for dinner? Who will pick up the kids? How am I going to get all this shit done?’—all that future thinking gunks up the brain waves. It overpowers the essential moments of being fully aware and present. When I think all these things in rapid succession, I miss what I’m actually doing. My body goes on autopilot, and before I realize it, I’m not really aware of what I’ve done—or eaten.

Tomorrow find the joy in your granola. See what shifts within you!

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