This is the magic that I want to tap into.

Michael C.

I find I use my board most when I’m at a decision point to truly determine if I’m letting my self-limiting beliefs and fears get in the way or not. I literally ask the board images, and then I focus on what feeling bubbles up to the top. Is it that feeling of nervous jitters mixed with the freedom and exhilaration stepping beyond my fears and taking the leap? Or does it truly feel wrong and dangerous?

It’s been a great focal point for tapping into my own intuition. And in case I haven’t mentioned it lately, it’s absolutely beautiful and I love it so much!!!


Pam L.

Just fucking do it!


Melissa M.

Stephanie was a wonderful, supportive guide and helped create a Muse Board that speaks to my soul. It serves as daily inspiration and a reminder of what is most important.


Carolynn B.

My Muse Board is my touchstone. I keep it where I can look at it every day, and it guides me in everything from my graphic design, to what I write in my newsletter and even the clothes I wear. Working with Stephanie is one of the most important investments I’ve ever made.

Kris Prochaska

My Muse Board gives me a pathway into my purpose that I can step onto whenever I need it. I’d count it, next to my laptop and journals, as one of my most important belongings.


Madeleine E.

The Muse Board anchors in my feelings and let’s me reconnect to them in an instant.


Jana R.

I feel so blessed to have this tool to instruct my vision and solidify my dream. I feel not only your brush stroke of genius but also your loving support. I feel connected and surrounded by Spirit with an energy of deep soul transformation.


Bev S.

Here I am eight years later, still using my Muse Board daily to remind me of who I want to be in the world. When I look at the images, I see I have grown into the original intention and yet, it continues to inspire me to expand and grow more. Priceless!


Kelly S.

My Muse Board


Mary J Wallace