The Power of Intention for Transformation
A visual representation of your Vision is so powerful!

Would you love a visual piece of Magic that helps you remember who you are?

Are you embarking on a new life project like moving to a new city, having a baby, in a new relationship or starting a meaningful project in your business?

Do you need Clarity for something specific?

Do you have an intention that you’d like to see come to life?

Would you love to feel that sense of Peace and Joy that comes when you look at YOUR personal Muse Board™?

Reveal your Soul with a Muse Board™
Perhaps you are like me, you write your dreams, hopes, and intentions in a journal. I have hundreds of pages. Then life happens and, for a time, I may forget about the specifics of what I’ve written.

So in order to help me remember my biggest dreams, I’ve created a visual reminder that helps me INSTANTLY!

When you SEE your WHY every day it keeps you motivated. It keeps you moving forward and it keeps you focused.
This leads to more abundance in your life, deeper relationships, and staying strong when you may be tempted to give up.

Plus… there is so much Power in having your Intentions witnessed. There is Magic in support!

“My Muse Board gives me a pathway into my purpose…” —Madeleine Eno
A few years ago I was planning to move to a different city hundreds of miles from my current home. I had my house for sale. I had a plan and a vision, but I had to wait for the house to sell.

As a designer my natural instinct is to solve problems. The thing that derails me is when I think I have to keep finding problems to solve! Sometimes I over-complicate simple things. After a few weeks of having the house on the market, I found myself coming up with alternate ideas to moving. I found myself spinning ideas in my head. It wasn’t fun.

It took me a few days and a few conversations with some good friends before I figured out what was going on. This place of uncertainty was where I needed to hang out for a while. It was okay. It was all Divinely perfect.

Then a close friend asked me a simple question: Had my WHY changed around moving? I instantly knew it hadn’t. I had just forgotten!

I decided to create a round version of the Muse Board™ to visually remind me of my WHY. And the most amazing thing happened…

It worked. I remembered.

Every time I looked at it I felt a sense of peace. I felt myself remember. It was instantaneous.

There it was. A visual reminder of my WHY.

Open to the Unexpected!
Bev Testimonial

I love my Muse Board so much. Each day as open my computer it greets me and grounds me. I love the colors, the words. I truly feel empowered, enlightened, grounded and filled with clarity. It guides my day as I slay my dragons first getting that pesky workout in so that I can dive into the real work of building a brand that truly represents me and the work of my heart.

I feel so blessed to have this tool before me to instruct my vision and solidify my dream. You worked your magic on creating beauty and balance and I feel not only your brush stroke of genius but also your loving support. I feel connected and surrounded by Spirit with an energy of deep soul transformation.

The physical version of my Muse Board graces my altar next to my chanupa (sacred pipe). It beckons me to pray with my pipe more often and to give gratitude each day for all the blessings that I already have and those that are on their way to me. This truly is magical!

I wholeheartedly suggest you work with Stephanie Steyer to create your own version of your Muse Board.

Let the magic begin!

Bev Stephens

Spirit of Change

Create your Muse Board Now!
“I find my answers reflected back at me.” —Sandy McDougall

Stephanie created a Muse Board for me to use in the writing of my book. Every time I look at it, it reminds me what I am doing and where I’m going. It’s almost a visceral reaction now—I can just glance at it and find myself in a deeper, readier place for writing.

I love gathering images and making collages and vision boards and have made and posted dozens of them around my office over the years. I wondered if the Muse Board would feel the same as these. It doesn’t… at all. There is something so potent about someone else who knows me culling and choosing the images. Deciding which ones are front and center, picking words, and creating the whole feel, mood and vibe of the board. Stephanie sees what I don’t see and intuitively depicts what I’m grasping at.

My Muse Board gives me a pathway into my purpose that I can step onto whenever I need it. I’d count it next to my laptop and journals as one of my most important belongings.

Highly, highly recommend Stephanie’s Muse Boards for any project or vision you’re creating.

Madeleine Eno

In the Write Place

Energy Follows Intentions
Begin Your Muse Board Now!