Simply Gorgeous LifeI’ve spent most of the week thinking about something to write for my newsletter. Nothing was coming. No inspiration.

Until today.

I started my day practicing my normal ritual: meditation, grounding, writing in my journal. And then I took the time to watch a few videos on Facebook.

I watched a very sweet video featuring a little girl singing and directing her father. It was so loving how he provided space for her to be exactly who she is. What a gift!

Then I came across a video of a friend of mine giving a talk about listening. She spoke about really listening and honoring and actively DOING what she hears when she stops long enough to hear. She wrote her book in this manner. Listening to what came through her.

I was so inspired by what she shared! How often do we disregard the messages that we receive everyday? How often do we not honor our self? Our wisdom? Our internal knowing?

After these two videos I remembered a gift I received yesterday of a 40 day yoga practice for enhancing our truth. I printed the sheets out and today is day one! I’m committed to honoring my own truth, and I’m willing to add this to my daily routine.

I’m coming to this with curiosity and mindfulness.

Next I made myself a bit of breakfast and I took it outside to my front yard. I have a lovely garden with a recirculating water feature (drought-conscious). The birds and butterflies love it. Spring has more than sprung in California, with all the trees fully leafed out. I have California poppies that just offered themselves to my yard.

Simply Gorgeous Life
They’ve spread everywhere. Unplanned.

As I sit, eating my breakfast I’m struck by the beauty of my surroundings. It’s simple. Organic. Not structured. I can hear the birds singing and I watch butterflies flitter past. My dogs sit near my feet, just happy that I’m not moving.

Then I think about all I’ve experienced just this morning. I think about living my personal vision and truth.

And I realize the simple act of noticing my surroundings struck me so profoundly.

Surrounding myself with beauty is vital to my well being. I feel better, more centered, more complete when I see beauty around me. So I invite you… Where can you bring more beauty into your life? How does it change your mood, your perceptions?

I’d love to hear from you. I am very aware that my mood today is forever altered by what I opened to this morning.

Slowing down long enough to be our true selves. Honoring what is true for us. That is how we change the world.

In love and beauty,