When I was 26 years old, I bought my first new car. My partner, Patrick, absolutely loved researching, reading, and looking at cars. He would devour every single detail down to the cargo space. So I mentioned to him I was ready to buy a new car, and I was interested in the Volkswagen Jetta that had just been redesigned.

Now that I think about it, he may have even suggested that car for me.

I never paid much attention to cars, but growing up, I watched my dad and my younger brother work on them. There always seemed to be an engine torn apart in the garage. My older brother loved driving cars. I was just indifferent. If a car got me to point B and back safely, it worked for me. So when it came time to replace my little Dodge Colt I was open to suggestions.

Patrick and I had our office in San Francisco and lived in Sausalito on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Commuting into the office every day, we’d spend the time sitting in traffic planning our day. Once I told Patrick I wanted to replace my car—and he’d suggested the Volkswagen Jetta—whenever I would drive Patrick would see the new model and, out of the blue, yell: “Jetta!”. Every single time I would jump out of my skin!

The funny thing was, within the couple of miles we’d travel every day, he started shouting “Jetta!” a lot. I suppose it’s not that rare: once we decide on a car, or whatever the thing is, we start to see that car everywhere.

But it turns out it’s not only algorithms and cookies that show us the most recent pair of shoes we searched on Zappos.

There’s a network of nerve pathways in our brainstem called the reticular activating system. It connects the spinal cord, cerebrum, and cerebellum, and mediates our overall level of consciousness. I learned about this through a class with Dr. Christiane Northrup: the reticular activating system literally edits out everything that isn’t relevant to you.

Think about this: When we set an intention it activates this system in our brains. This increases the potency of our intention.

No wonder Muse Boards™ are so powerful!

Muse Boards™ take our intention and amplify it by connecting an image with feelings that anchors that intention. The personal images we select instantly reconnect us to these feelings. And our brain helps by cutting out anything that doesn’t support our intention. What a beautiful synergy!

When you create a Muse Board™ it is unique to you. It reflects your personal expression around the intention you create for yourself. The Muse Board™ provides the focus so you won’t forget.

Are you and your reticular activating system ready to bring your magic to life? Let’s create your own Muse Board™ that will guide you. Follow the link below to get started.