When I set out on my home-buying journey, I said aloud many times: I want someone to buy my home who appreciates all the love and care to the things I’ve done, and I want that in return.

And I got it! I found my house.

Plus, it’s in the coastal mountains north of Santa Cruz, California, surrounded by redwood trees! Redwoods are truly magical trees; they grow in circles and have a shallow root system that spreads out to other redwoods, supporting each other. Talk about connection and community!

I’d actually visited my new house early on in my house-hunting process. I remember loving both the attention to detail and care the owners had given to their home, as well as the trees. There are two redwood circles on the property! Fairies definitely live here; I can feel them. Pure magic.

Still, the first time I went to see the house, I wasn’t positive that it was “the one.” I loved its open floor plan, but I hadn’t seen enough houses in the area to feel what I was looking for.

After driving 1,600 miles in ten days, looking at more than 30 homes, and losing two offers on other houses, I woke up Wednesday morning super early and knew I needed to go back to this house. It turned out that, in the whole time this house was on the market, there had only been one other person to privately look at it other than me. It feels as if this house was waiting for me!

It’s clear why we don’t accept change easily—change requires huge amounts of faith and trust. Faith that everything will work out. Trust in our own intuition to guide us. Faith that we’ll have the stamina to keep going. Trust that we’re making the “right” decisions.

And change is hard. It’s not easy to uproot ourselves. Even now I’m experiencing moments of “Oh shit! What am I doing?” Why do I want to “give up” all the things I have in my current place? After eleven years of remodeling and finessing, I have a very comfortable home.

But I’m excited about moving. I’m excited to clear things out that no longer serve me—furniture and books and household things I no longer crave to be part of my life. I’m excited to pare down. I’m excited to meet new neighbors and experience a new area.

It’s a big change, but I’m welcoming it with grace and determination. I give you permission to remind me of this in a few weeks, too. I may need help remembering when I’m in the middle of packing!

What does change mean to you? How have you embraced it in your life?

I’d love to know. Comment or PM me.


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photo credit: Stephanie Steyer: Big Basin Redwoods State Park