It’s been about two weeks now of non-stop busy! I’m ready to slow down. Two major projects are getting finished, and I have been practicing staying out of overwhelm. Some days I’m more successful than other days.

My key for managing feelings of overwhelm is to… slow down. That might seem counter-intuitive when there’s a long list of things to accomplish, but if I don’t stop and take time for myself, I spin out.

When that happens nothing gets done.

Some things I love to do to help me slow down are really simple. The difficult part is to remember to take time to do them!

I love to go for walks. Being outside is rejuvenating. It can be as simple as sitting on my garden bench in the sun. I watch the goldfinches fly from the water to the feeder. Hummingbirds hover in front of me reminding me that even the speediest little bird slows down once in a while!

Clouds are some of my favorite things to watch. I slow down when I stare at the clouds. I recently learned about a Society for Cloud Appreciation. That is right up my alley! In high school, my girlfriend and I walked to school. Some days we’d arrive late because we watched the clouds. I remember putting that reason on my tardy slip in the attendance office.

Once I’ve spent some time in nature, I find that my energy is refocused and clearer. I have a new perspective of the tasks on my desk. That to-do list isn’t so daunting.

Slowing down brings me back to the present. Nature connects me back to my body. I remember to breathe. Life is sweet. Even when there is a lot to do.

And here’s the fun part. Some of you might know about Muse Boards™, which are the foundation of how I work with my clients. I dug out the Muse Board™ I created for myself to show you how much nature pops out in my board.

muse board

That’s the key (and purpose) of building a Muse Board™ with me. To uncover the essence of who you are and build your visual identity from that rock-solid base.

Are you ready to start building? Then hop on over and grab some time on my schedule.

Love and beauty,