I’m just back home, having spent the past nine days helping my daughter and son-in-law with their new baby. I was honored to be present at the birth of my first grandchild. It was truly an amazing experience.

Here’s what I’m thinking about now that I’m home and reflecting on the amazing experience: how much we need to support one another. Thanks to today’s technology, I’m blessed to be part of a tribe of amazing women from across the country. But most of my community is far flung and what we crave more than ever is connection and community. Online community provides that, but there is nothing as satisfying as face-to-face human connection.

The doctors and nurses who cared for my daughter were so kind. My daughter’s sister-in-law and myself supported her during labor. Women helping women. We walked with her, offered encouragement and suggestions. It was beautiful and inspiring.

I realize with that level of support, we naturally get to show up as our true authentic selves. There is no need for pretense. There is no room for anything else during labor than just being. Being present and in the moment.

How amazing is that?

How many times in life are we confronted with situations that allow us to be fully supported? Or even still… do we allow ourselves to be supported?

And I couldn’t help thinking about how that moment of being focused on bringing something new into the world is exactly what I do with my clients. I bring the deepest level of support possible so that you can bring forth your visions, your passion, the work you are meant to bring into the world.

Women helping women, walking together, helping each other breathe and step into the next adventure.

Love and light,