What captures your attention the fastest?
An image.

If you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, what makes you stop and pay attention?
An image.

We are in a time of rapid visual expression. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat—all these platforms are visually oriented. Images capture our interest. If we encounter a lengthy, yet well-written post, I’m willing to guess that most of the time we scroll right past. And why? We resonate—positively or negatively—from an image faster than from written words. We are more likely to get drawn into the feeling of images.

Now I’m not advocating that we abandon writing; I love reading work full of thought and intent. I believe we should supplement our words with visual graphics to support our points of view. The visual identity speaks first; it grabs viewers and captures their attention. People will want to stay reading your post. They’ll pick up your book. They will remember you from the pile of business cards they have gathered from an event.

A well-crafted visual identity carries a brand through all its aspects of marketing. When I had my San Francisco–based business in the mid-1980s—way before social media and even before there was a heightened awareness of brands—we made it very clear to our employees that anything leaving the office needed to be presented and packaged in a certain way. This was back when we sent manuscripts out for typesetting, photos out for scanning, and art mechanicals to printers. We felt strongly about how mailing labels were applied, how each package was wrapped and the way our purchase orders looked; it represented the quality of our service. Everything represented our Brand.

Apply that quality of attention to every opportunity of visibility you have and see the shifts in your business.

It makes a difference.

The power of images sparks memory.

An image invokes a memory that is tied to a feeling. It’s palpable. Imagery brings a memory flooding back. We don’t have to do anything except observe these feelings within ourselves.

This is the power of Muse Boards™. Each one is as individual as the person who creates it. These are your images. Your memories. Your feelings.

The images you select speak your soul’s language.

Muse Boards™ are visual reminders. They elicit delight. They reflect moments that spark your memory. The images gently speak to you when you need to remember your greatness. Your talents. Your worth.

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