Why do we fear creativity?

Everyone is a creative being. Creativity is central to how we function in the world. You do not have to be an artist to be creative; you only need to be open to the creative flow.

But fear blocks that flow. It’s similar to resistors in electrical circuits; they slow down the current so the elements don’t burn out. When we feel resistance against moving into a bigger space or showing up in a different way, we’re doing so to protect ourselves.

Still, the resistance blocks our intention to show up bigger or to create a bigger way of being, and it can be difficult to remove from ourselves. Here are four steps to get your creativity flowing that I learned from my mentor and colleague, Samantha Wallen:

  • Find the resistance. We may not always know that we are in resistance. It can take many forms: Doubt about our abilities. Doubt of our worth. Worrying about the outcome. Fear of not being enough. Fear of visibility.

  • Letting the pain in. If we don’t feel the pain brought up by our resistance, then we won’t recognize why we’re resisting. What is the impact of our pain? We tend to avoid thinking about this, but until we realize that our pain is greater than our fear, we won’t change ourselves.

  • Be open to forgiveness. Sometimes we blame ourselves when we feel pain or hold ourselves back. Forgiveness means we live life without resisting whatever is here and present. What do we need to forgive in ourselves?

  • Wake up to the miracle that is creativity. Welcome your creativity as something that shouldn’t be feared. Creativity happens when we are in the moment of being in the flow.

It’s so important to recognize where we stop ourselves from living up to our full potential. Appreciating that experience will help you make better decisions with your business and deepen your relationships with clients.

So ask yourself this question: What would it take for you to live in your creative flow?

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